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- OST is the first pre-incubator that mainly focuses on youth: students and fresh graduates taking into account their specific needs
- The program, delivered in 12 weeks, is co-designed with Columbia Engineering and Business Schools. It is a hands-on learning experience that helps you build your startup and provides you with all the necessary support
- OST offers access to a strong network of national and international partners, experts and an incredible community that enlightens your journey. Throughout its multiple partnerships, the program also helps connect to the main stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Potential of the idea
Strong team complementarity
English proficiency
Availability to attend the trainings and the program main events

Strong skills in a specific field to help support an existing team
Entrepreneurial spirit
Openness to join a current team
Availability to attend the trainings and the program main events

*Individuals who founded a project on their own can jon if they acccept to hire team members


12 weeks from mid-september to end of January
Application deadline July 15th
Announcement: First week of september
Program kick-off: Mid september
Mid-assessement end of October
Demo day: Third week of January
Columbia Venture Competition: April


21 startups were created by our alumni post participation to OST previous editions including 5 who obtained the startup act label
A solid 12 week program codesigned with a team from Columbia Engineering and Business School, New York
An access to a strong network of national and international partners, experts and mentors that can help you get the exposure and mentorship you need
An incredible community that will make the journey more fun
The program is free of charge and we do not take equity
Our program is designed to accommodate you, students and freshly graduates. At OST, years of experience helped us understand your needs and challenges. We know the particularities of launching a startup while still a student, and we are here precisely to help you thrive!


Intensive training led by national and international experts and practitioners
A strong follow-up to make sure you are assisted
Matching national mentors and coaches as well as Columbia MBA students
Support in the prototyping process
Access to seed funding
International exposure
Connection to other national and international programs, incubators and accelerators


1. Can I apply as an individual and then join a team

Yes you can

2. Can I apply as an individual and develop my idea during the program

No, individuals selected need to join a pre-existing team

2. I am an individual with an idea can I apply

Yes but the idea needs to be advanced and you will need to recruit from inside or outside the program

4. We are more than 5 team members can we apply

You you can apply and benefit from all the trainings but the Columbia travel will only covers the costs of 5 team members.

5. We have the start-up Act label can we apply

Yes you can apply

6. We have the start-up act pre-label can we apply

Yes you can apply

7. We are 5 students with the same background

yes you can apply, but be careful skill complementarity is key

8. We are a mix of students and people working in a company

yes you can apply

9. Some team members are not in Tunisia

yes you can apply but at least 2 main founders must be in Tunisia to attend the trainings and all the team needs to present during the main events including mid-term assessment and demo day

10. We can only work remotely

No, some on-site sessions are compulsory

11. We are not Tunisians can we apply

Yes, as long as you are students or freshly graduates and you are living in Tunisia

12. We want to apply and then hire from outside the program

Yes, you can apply and recruit from inside the program. You can also recruit from outside the program

13. Can we change our idea during the program

Pivoting is accepted during the program.

14. I am a PHD student can I apply

Yes, PHDs are considered students

15. What is the duration of the program?

The program lasts 12 weeks, from September to January. The US competition happens in april

16. Do we get funding

Yes, the program supports for prototyping and finalists get access to pre-seed funding

17. Does the program take equity


18. How much does the program cost

It is free of charge (It only costs tears and blood)

19. I am a high school pupil can I apply

The minumum age is 18 years old

20. Do I need to be incorported

No, the company registration and revenues are not required

21. I am a unique founder and I do not have a team

Yes but you want to pursue the program you will have to hire from inside or outside

22. Do we have to speak english

To fully benefit from the program at least one of the members need to pith in english

23. What is the commitment required by the founder (s) during the duration of the program?

The commitment is in average 2 days per week

24. If we live out of Tunis, do you help us with the accomodation?

The team will try to help you with the accomodation


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