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Application – OST


You can apply as:

  • TEAM
  • I believe that I have pertinent skills with which I can contribute to a team. These skills include, but not limited to: marketing, business development, coding, design, mechanical engineering…
  • Having an idea that I want to work on during the competition is preferred but not required.
  • Please note in case of acceptance and you submitted an idea, The condition is to convince others to join you. We care about having skilled people with the potential to becoming great entrepreneurs. Flexibility is required!
  • Your Startup idea is at ideation / prototyping phase.
  • At least 2 SCHOOLS are represented in the team
  • Your team is composed of interdisciplinary/ multi-skilled team
  • You have at least 2 members
  • You are willing to potentially bring other participants to your team.
  • Only one person should apply in the name of the group

You are currently a student with a valide registration certificate from Carthage, Manouba or El Manar Universtity (Rectorat)


You already have an idea that you want to develop, or you have hard/soft skills (Coding, Marketing , Design, Engineering ...) which could help implement an idea.


You are willing to live a unique experience with students from other schools and with different expertise


You are ready to work hard and under pressure


You are fluent in English


You are willing to challenge yourself and to be challenged

Don’t stress out about all these criteria, you’ll still learn and have a lot of fun!!!!

Applications are now open


1. Should the students have a precise and final business project?

No, the most important thing for applicants is to have innovative ideas and/or strong and outstanding skills that can support start-ups. The objective of the ideation camp is to help participants develop and finalize their business ideas.

2. Should participants apply as team or on an individual basis?

Students can apply on individual basis or as teams. However, teams should be multidisciplinary in order to have complementary skills.

3. Can participants take part in the program even if their business idea was presented in other competitions?

Students are allowed to do that as long as they are not using their team’s idea and that they bring some new developments to their project with the teams newly constituted during the bootcamp.

4. Do students have to pay for their participation in the trainings, bootcamps…?

No, this program is free of charge.

5. Can students miss any of the events of the program?

No, attendance is mandatory to all the events of the program. Any absence can lead to exclusion from the program.


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