Bridging research and innovation.


Tunisia is currently facing the challenge of the weak research translation where researchers rarely consider the commercialization of their invention.

The project contributes to

Disseminating entrepreneurial culture within a specific segment that remained less exposed to entrepreneurship by creating partnerships with the industry, strong linkages with international researchers.
Supporting the national innovation system and providing young researchers with resources and guiding tools in their pursuit of developing entrepreneurial ventures.


This project provides the opportunity for 5 tunisian doctors to join the MIT-Harvard healthcare bootcamp and to assist the most promising 3 of them during a one-week immersion journey in the US entrepreneurial ecosystem post-program.


Sponsorship for the 5 selected Tunisian researchers
Networking with local industries and potential partners and national sharing space post-program
International Exposure
Gaining the know-how of the entrepreneurial journey.
Extra support and guidance from the MIT Teaching Assistants (TAs)to facilitate the 1-week immersion entrepreneurial journey in the US ecosystem for the most 3 performing researchers
Mentoring & Holistic educational curriculum grounded in practice and developed by the world leading universities (MIT and Harvard)

Target audience

tunisian researchers
No Age limit
No Gender requirement
No Background limitation
Want to launch a Startup
Keen to contribute as an ecosystem supporter
Passionate about the healthcare field
Readyto commit 15 hours for 10 weeks
Innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiastic
Keen to work with a diverse multinational team
Open to the industry


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