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OSTX is an entrepreneurial competition held at the level of the university and joining forces of cross-disciplinary teams. The program was initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research, the US Embassy, Columbia University, Fondation Biat, Africinvest, Flat6labs and Fondation Drosos.

OSTX helps foster inter-university linkages and cross disciplinary collaborations between students and faculty in order to tackle challenges related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals The program started in 2019 with three pilot universities : Manouba, Carthage and El Manar.

This year, it is integrating 4 more universities: Tunis, Sfax, Sousse and Monastir to help students thrive and create their venture.


Offering new pedagogical tools for teaching entrepreneurship Duplicating the competition in all universities (campuses) across the country Creating cross-disciplinary linkages inside universities Increasing the number of student-led ventures

OSTX in Numbers

18 Professors & 14 Students
111 Students Community
3 Universities Involved

OSTX Taskforce


The Taskforces are the pillars of the program within each one of the involved universities. They will use their acquired knowledge and network to help the program thrive in their Universities.

After participating in a training of the trainers bootcamp, and meeting some of the major entrepreneurship ecosystem players, they will have all the tools to run the competition at a university Level.

Each taskforce is generally composed of 5 faculty (professors, teaching assistants…) responsible for the outreach, selection and particularly for organizing and leading a student bootcamp as well as the final competition event.

The taskforce is also composed of 3 students who already experienced the OST competition.
Those students will second the taskforces in deploying and managing the program .

If you are a faculty and you are looking to get involved in the startups and entrepreneurship ecosystem. You want to work with high potential individuals from multiple disciplines and fields of study. Being a member of the taskforce is what you need.

Why should you apply?

By becoming member of the taskforce, you get access to 3 main perks

Eligibility criteria

Taskforce Track Milestones


Wajdi Ben Rejeb
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
OSTx is a game changer for Tunisian early stage startups. With OSTx, I enjoy learning and sharing best practices with high potential young aspiring entrepreneurs.
Chiraz Bassoumi
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
More than just a program … a life experience!
An experience Rich in learnings, Rich in personal development, Rich in human encounters between academics and networking with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Rich in sharing and acquiring entrepreneurial know-how entrepreneurial, Rich in pleasure…
Yomna Rebai
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
OSTX was for me an intense experience that has taught me a lot and has allowed me above all to know exceptional and dedicated women, the founders of OST and OSTX, as well as colleagues and students who are the pride of our Tunisian University.
Houyem Jarraya
OSTX is a real community of dedicated people (organizers, trainers, coaches and
students) who believe that their actions will have an impact on our young people and on our
Marjène Gana
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
After having the opportunity to participate in the OST adventure,
I discovered the exciting world of entrepreneurship with extraordinary colleagues and students, who have become friends today..
Sawsen Turki
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
I applied for the OSTX program looking for a breath of fresh air and a little more « tasty flavor » in my life as an academic
Hajer Chaker
Professor and Member of the OSTX Taskforce
I discovered that it made me a wealthy
woman: rich in new practices that I learned rich in new knowledge acquired but above all rich in
new friendships with my colleagues

Taskforce Members

University of Carthage


Wajdi Ben Rejeb
Marjene Gana
Soumaya El Memmi
Yomna Rebai
Haythem Ghazouani
KaoutherBen Mansour
Imen Landolsi
Syrine Sahmim Garbouj
Imed Maatouk


Khaoula Chahed
Hany Ouni
Houssine Ayedi
Ghassen Azzouz
Amira Jelassi
Rouihem Rabi

University of El Manar


Houyem Jarraya
Hajer Chaker Ben HadjKacem
Soussen Turki
Sana Ennaifer Ben Mahmoud


Hamza Ben Abdallah
Oumayma ben Othmen
Rakia Harzali
Maissa Daouthi

University of Manouba


Zied Hassen
Chiraz Bassoumi
Ilhem Ouanes
Youssef Ben Halima
Cherine Charfeddine


Amna Jouini
Nour Mnejja

OSTX Students

The students track aims to support Tunisian youth eager to open up to the world and thrive. It brings together students from the same University but different disciplines to boost their innovation and team-work skills to solve global problems.

Because we believe that together we can be change makers!

Through out the OSTX journey, the student will better define and enhance their ideas in order to be ready to make them get to the next level.

Students can apply either as individuals with a defined idea or without any as well as teams composed from 2 to 5 members.

Students Track Milestones

Why should you apply?


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